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Welcome to! We are an online Islamic Wholesale Website, aiming to serve you and the rest of the Ummah to the best of our ability. We are your source for anything you need, from books of Hadith, to Abaya's & Hijabs, at the lowest prices. We specialise in books, Islamic Clothing, and Adhaan Clocks, but we still do have a large variety of other Islamic items as well. If you any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us in the contact us section.

Your source for Authentic Islamic book store, islamic book service, islamiconlinestore, islamicmarhababookstore,marhaba islamic book service, Quran, Hadith, audio/mp3 CDs, software, educational toys, clothes, gifts & more... all at low prices and great service. Satisfaction Guarantee.

Recent Improvements
1. On every category page, you will find a header which lists total number of products in the category, as well as the page count in order for you to keep better track of your shopping. In the case that there are multiple pages you can either view them page by page, or click "Show All" to see all on one page. The second line on the header allows you to dynamically sort products according to Code, Name, Price, Arrival or by the Default method.
2. A Product Rating & Review tool has been added which allows you to give a product a rating, and also write a review about the product. You can see others' ratings on the category and product page. The full review will be found at the bottom of the product page. To make the tool useful for everyone, we encourage our dear customers to rate & review the products they have bought. Please do login into your account and write an honest review, for the benefit of us and other fellow customers.
If you have any suggestions for improvemtents, please reach out to us via email in the contact us section.
Our All product from Diffrent country United kingdom(UK), egypt, pakistan, banladesh, saudi Arabia ,Turkey, and more country,
yes we do wholesale, we are well know in Canada, Toronto, Mississauga, Ontrario, emiton, Ottawa, Qubec and more
Our books from darussalam publication Amana publication , Iqra, Al hidaya publicaion Fons vitai baitul Quran Taha publication, Darul marfa Quran.
we are distributer of
with little margin we provide Free Holy Quran to our people, you can get it online or if your in our area you can get by hand.
Fell free to contact us, our main goal to serve our community.
you can also buy in bulk form

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